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  • Windows.Fast.IP.Changer costs a one time payment of $27. There are no future fees ever.
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  • Unlimited, live, phone, (and email, if preferred) technical support is included.
  • Windows.Fast.IP.Changer comes with an unlimited satisfaction, money back guarantee.
  • If you have any questions about Windows.Fast.IP.Changer call Evan at (860)733-5441.

Windows.Fast.IP.Changer Software Description

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Windows.Fast.IP.Changer makes it very easy and fast to change your IP address.

Windows.Fast.IP.Changer is a super fast, all-in-one Fast IP Changing software program that changes your IP address in one second. You can change your IP address as often as you wish without the tedious and time consuming task of having to mess with internet settings and you don't have to restart your browser, router, or computer. Windows.Fast.IP.Changer has a built in utility to check your IP address, from five different sources, at any time.

Windows.Fast.IP.Changer comes with over 60, 100% Free, IP addresses from numerous proxy server locations around the world which are updated and tested daily. Windows.Fast.IP.Changer organizes these IP addresses/proxy servers, in a list, in order, from the fastest at the top to the least fast at the bottom.

Changing your IP address is as simple as double clicking any one of the proxy servers in the list which changes your IP address instantly. This double click method of changing your IP address makes it so you can change your IP address as fast as you can click a mouse.

Windows.Fast.IP.Changer is a self standing exe program which runs right out of the box without having to install the software. Performance-wise Windows.Fast.IP.Changer could not be fast or more efficient yet consumes very little memory when running.

Windows.Fast.IP.Changer built in help menu allows you to access:

It is unlikely you will ever need to get help with this fast IP changing, proxy server software as Windows.Fast.IP.Changer is an extremely easy to use, intuitive, software program with literally no learning curve.

Our satisfaction guarantee ensures that if, for any reason, Windows.Fast.IP.Changer software does not work for you your money will be refunded immediately.

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Windows.Fast.IP.Changer Software Features

Change IP Address in 1 Second

Changing your IP Address couldn't be any simpler. Simply double click any of the 60+ IP address/proxy servers in the Windows.Fast.IP.Changer software list and your IP address is instantly, without any delay, changed to that new IP address.

Change IP as Often as Desired

Because changing your IP address and apparent physical location with Windows.Fast.IP.Changer is accomplished with a simple mouse double click, changing your IP address can be accomplished as fast as you can double click your mouse.

60+ Free, Updated Daily, Worldwide, IP Addresses Included

To load freshly tested IP addresses within Windows.Fast.IP.Changer simply click the menu Proxies > Grab Fresh Proxy List (or CTRL + F keyboard).

Image of menu selection 'Proxies > Grab Fresh Proxy List'.
Windows.Fast.IP.Changer Proxies menu.

Watch this 18 second video to see how quickly Windows.Fast.IP.Changer downloads fresh, test, IP addresses/Proxy servers and displays them in order from fastest to slowest.

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No Messing with Internet Settings

There are absolutely no browser settings or dialog boxes that need to be messed with, altered or changed to change your IP address and online identity with Windows.Fast.IP.Changer.

No Restart of Browser, Router, PC

Many methods of changing your IP address involve having to restart or re-set something which can include closing and restarting the browser, unplugging the router and plugging it back in, or even the complete restart of Windows. Windows.Fast.IP.Changer saves tons of time and effort as changing your IP address only involves double clicking any of the IP address/proxy servers in the list.

No Software Install - Dbl Click to Run

There is no install or set up required to run Windows.Fast.IP.Changer. Simply double click the exe and that is all. Because there are no registry settings/alterations and absolutely no related bloat files dll, etc) the only disk space consumed by Windows.Fast.IP.Changer is the software program itself (less than 80kb). Windows.Fast.IP.Changer is a single exe file with no dependency files whatsoever.

Image of file details related to Windows.Fast.IP.Changer software.
Image of Windows.Fast.IP.Changer in folder.

Watch this 8 second video to see Windows.Fast.IP.Changer launched directly from the folder without install.

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Uses Very Little Memory - Under 70,000k

Windows.Fast.IP.Changer uses less than 70,000k of memory while running. This means that, even on very old computers, Windows.Fast.IP.Changer will not slow down your PC in the least.

Image of Windows Task Manager showing memory consumed by Windows.Fast.IP.Changer software program.
Windows.Fast.IP.Changer displayed in Windows Task Manager.

30 Day, Unconditional, Money Back, Guarantee

If for ANY reason you are not 100% delighted with Windows.Fast.IP.Changer for changing your IP address and hiding/masking you identity online simply contact us by email or call us (860) 733-5441 and your money will be immediately refunded, no questions, no hassles, no B.S.

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